Topic: Can't get Club Nintendo Points from 10 NES games?

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I know Nintendo said you can cash in your NES Games for Club Nintendo Points, but when i go on Club Nintendo, i can't register my games. Is this happening with you guys?

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It will be a week before they are posted on your account. This is the case for all download games

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I think it takes about a week for games to show up on there

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Post play surveys take 7 days before they become avaliable to complete. In the case of the NES VC games that assumes
that Nintendo has already automatically registered the games to everyone's Club Nintendo account.
Usually eShop/DsiShop and Wii Shop downloads are registered to your account on the initial download/purchase but with this ambassador stuff Nintendo
has actually set your eShop account to show that you already downloaded the games which may bypass the process I mentioned above.

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sorry to sound like an idiot, but how many points do you get per eShop game? how many for these NES games too?

thnx in advance!



10 coins for downloadble games

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You don't get coins for the games persay. You get 10 coins for doing a post play survey on the Club Nintendo site.
Every digital games gives you a survey (after 7 days from purchase) that gives you 10 coins.



Well I have 100 coins on my club nintendo account that I didn't have yesterday...



if your console is already linked to your Club NIntendo account, registration for downloaded games is automatic. download game surveys show up there on their own after about a week.

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I believe that we'll get Club Nintendo NOA coins once the NES titles are available for everyone else.

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I was freaking out when I didn't see my coins so thanks for the info

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