Topic: Can you transfer the games from your DSi to the 3DS?

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I hope so, because if not, im screwed D:

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I hope they come up with a solution for this as well.

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You should search before u make a topic like this...theres already a thread for this

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I thought I read somewhere that you could, but it hasn't been announced.

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Cammie said they're working on it for the fans.

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My guess is no. If DSiWare was going to be be transferable, why wouldn't they have announced it? Why risk people holding off on purchases out of fear they won't be transferable? How difficult would it have been to say, "Keep buying DSiWare, because it will be transferable to the 3DS"? I think there's a good (bad for us) reason why Nintendo is keeping mum on this.

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Oregano wrote:

Cammie said they're working on it for the fans.

Do you have a source for that quote? Because that would be quite a big deal if she really said that. I certainly hope she did, and that she isn't just talking.



here's two recent threads covering the same issue. bottom line: we don't know yet.

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