Topic: Can I delete all photos on my SD card at once?

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When I put my SD card in my computer it says I can delete all photos after I upload them. Is it safe to do that and is it safe to delete them one by one from the computer?

In the camera app when I go to settings then data management, , it says I can delete all but at the top it says "manage photos, videos and save data". So if I delete all will it delete my save data as well?

Is the only other way to delete them to delete them one by one from my camera app?



The photos should be in a separate folder than the save data. It should not delete your data.

My recommendation is to copy and paste EVERYTHING from your SD card as is onto a folder in your computer (could be in Documents for example). Then if something happens to your data, you can copy and paste everything from the new folder you made to the SD card (basically transfer the folders back to their original form in the SD card). Make sure that when you do this, the folders go back to your SD card as they were when you copied them onto your computer.

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If you're specifically removing photos from your SD Card, you can insert your Card into your computer, and all the photos should be contained within a file titled DCIM. All photos should then be in folders inside DCIM labeled something like 100NIN103. I'd recommend deleting those over just deleting DCIM, since the latter option could mess up your Card more than the photos.

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