Topic: Can 3DS locate 3DS Hot Spots?

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From what I heard 3DS suppose to track where you go with it and how far to travel. I wonder if it would beable places that are high traffic areas for people that have 3DSs. It would seem to be something that would be useful if you want to hunt down people with 3DSs or find places to hang out where you can Streetpass abunch of people. It shouldn't be hard to find places like that by other means but it feels more like a game to use a 3DS for that.



Perhaps StreetPass will be like Sony's NEAR. Perhaps the Nintendo 3DS will actually show you a map of fellow Nintendo 3DS users.

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Hmm. That is an interesting idea. I really have no idea if it's possible.
I just assumed that NEAR used the NGP's GPS to locate other players.

I guess we can hope that Sony and Nintendo both steal some ideas from each other regarding NEAR and StreetPass functions. I say both, knowing Sony will update the NGP with 3DS like functions that are popular eventually.



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