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Imagine you are playing a mario game and you have ? blocks hidden behind bricks.. that at first you can not see but if you move your head slightly to the left, with the 3DS screen, it reveals what is behind the bricks allowing you to find a hidden ? block. would this be possible do you think?



Not possible given the current technology in use. If you lean to the left or right, you'll move your head out of the zone and the image will lose its 3D effect.

Technically, it would be possible with highly advanced parallax screens, if they could change their viewing angle to accommodate your head's tracked position, but I wouldn't expect to see something like that anytime soon.

But, yes, it would be very cool.

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I don't see the point in doing this ... why wouldn't you just destroy the brick and then see the ?Block behind it?

Anyway, I think it would be possible to combine this concept (which sounds familiar to Looksley's Line Up) to other games ... I just don't see the point. It would slow down those games to a point where if it was optional it wouldn't be very challenging or fun to play.

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Okay, so maybe my idea for camera motion tracking might not work but, consider this:

Kid icarus is flying in the center of your screen and he feels like he is on your nose because of the 3d effect. Now, imagine boulders are being thrown towards you, instead of using the stylus or buttons to control K.I. , you use the gyroscope to move the 3DS to the left or right to avoid objects being thrown at you. maybe you can thrust forward by moving the ds away from your head quickly (not too much) or bring it closer to your head for braking. To explain what idots we might look like to observers, we would be standing in the middle of a room and pivoting on our heels. as we turn left and right to avoid what we see on the screen. we will be moving the ds away and towards are face (slightly.. enough for the gyroscopes to recognize it) .. Turning the system sideways would mess up the 3d so, what if you do a quick turn to make icarus spin to the left and right. to avoid stuff as well. we might get dizzy playing this but would definitely be an expience in the right direction from a huge HD tv that you cant move. eg ps3 3d experience



Same problem there. Nintendo's already said they're aware that the gyroscope and 3D display don't mix. Most likely you won't have any 3D effects going on when the gameplay uses the gyroscope or camera to track movement of the 3DS.

But yes, it would be really cool. Sadly the tech doesn't work that way... yet.



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