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OK guys, so I need your help with this one...
I am planning on buying 3DS games from Amazon, since that is the only way for me to get physical copies of some games like Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. So, I found some stores that offer international shipment, but most of those stores do the shipment from the USA (Deal Tavern, Hitgaming Video Games, Marvelio...).
Does that mean that the game that I order will be intended for a US 3DS console? Or maybe there's a way to point out that you are ordering a European copy of the game.
Any useful information on this topic would be appreciated.
Also, if anyone has any previous experience with buying games from Amazon, please let me know.

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Maybe order from

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Well, the thing is that I have a hefty gift card balance on
I wanted to spend it on some 3DS games that are not available on the eSHop.

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You might want to see if you can contact the seller and ask them directly. I could be that they ship NA region games to Europe but than again they may ship Pal region games to Europe or maybe all three regions might be available. If you cant get a definite answer than I wouldn't buy from them.

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Just try converting your funds from the U.S. Amazon to the UK Amazon.


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if you are ordering from, you will be getting games for the US console. i'm pretty sure doesn't sell PAL copies of games.
here's a quote from their website about video games
"Note: Most of the video games sold by are encoded for Region 1 (for standard discs) or Region A (for Blu-ray discs) only and may not work on video game consoles in other countries. "

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As others have said, your life is going to be much easier if you contact Amazon and ask how you can get the funds converted from the US store to the UK store. Then the games will be PAL, and they'll be cheaper since you won't need to get them shipped across.

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