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Perhaps it will come with a smaller version of a game, like this:


irken004 wrote:

Perhaps it will come with a smaller version of a game, like this:

Yeah, I was thinking maybe a Demo of Mario kart or Kid Icarus.

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I am doubting it will come with a game, or if it does, it would be some download game.

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The+Fox wrote:

They most likely will not bundle anything with the system. If they did, it wouldn't be a big name title like Mario Kart that would make millions sold by itself.

Basically this.

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KanrakusPizza wrote:

HueyPNewton wrote:

I hope they have a special White 3DS bundled with Kid Icarus. Though I would prefer to have that dark purple one, so I can name my 3ds the Mauve Avenger like on Hey Arnold

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Back on topic, I agree with Rally, because when the 3DS comes out, sure we would need a game, but dont you think it would be silly of them to give us a 30$ to 40$ game for free? Sure, they should do special bundles (like a Green - Blue 3DS for Animal Crossing), but we dont need a full game from the start. Maybe a 3DS Sports game?


Good points all around, I would imagine a bundled game + specific color this early in the game would be just a pipe dream, a demo or such would be more likely (probably).

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Unless they announce some new universally appealing game, if Nintendo was to include a game with a new 3DS, it'd probably be Steel Driver or Pilotwings resort, imo. Or perhaps they could include a coupon redeemable for a free 3DS game the same day you buy one, so consumers could pick up the color and game they want.

Also, this is probably not on topic at all, but I don't believe Nintendo announced any of the games they showcased for sale day 1. For all we know those titles could be completed, or they have started development only a couple of weeks ago.

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I wonder if it could be all of the Tech Demos on the System Memory.


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The 3DS should be bundled with Kid Icarus:Uprising.



iphys wrote:

It would probably be a good idea to include a game, since just playing your old DS titles won't show off the 3D to people. Pilotwings is probably the only game that would have appeal to everyone, but maybe they'll do something like the DSi where they'll give you 1000 points to download 3DSWare. That way they motivate people to figure out how to use the store, give people game options, and don't have to include a major title.


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How about this:

All preordered 3DS's will come with a select launch title. If the 3DS is store-bought, all games will be sold separately.

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I'm thinking it will come with some game or demo already preloaded on there, or 1000 points for the 3DSWare shop. It won't be a major cart release.

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I'd say OOT because my Gamecube came bundled with the Zelda Collection Game. Or a more simple game to show off the 3D effects, like how Wii Sports showed off the motion controls for Wii.

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Probably not anything too expensive (like I said), but they probably do the free 1000 3DSWare points like the DSi. Maybe it'll come with other downloaded software, like when the XL came out with Brain Age and the Clock app, just different.

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I think they'll do a 3DS Play game.


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They'll probably leave it up to the retailers to make their own bundle offers. So your 3DS will come with Carnival Games and a mostly useless accessory pack for just £50 above the RRP


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Piotwings resort, carnival games, or super monkey ball.



Quite possibly a sports game or Pilotwings Resort.

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Destroyer360 wrote:

PLEASE, I would not like it if a certain color was bundled with a different game. For example, if the Black one had Metal Gear and Red had Mario Kart, I would have a problem. I want the Black 3DS but I don't want Metal Gear, and would much rather have Mario Kart instead, but would rather have Black than Red.

I agree.

Also, it probably won't be bundled with a game until much later

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