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I personally think that the 3DS should be bundled with a game like the Wii is. I think it should be Pilotwings Resort, because, like Wii Sports, it appeals to most everyone, and it probably will be.

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Mario Kart most likely.


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I doubt that Mario Kart will be ready in time for launch. Pilotwings is also my personal choice out of the announced set, since it certainly would show off the 3D effect well while appealing to a wide range of customers.

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How about having each different-colored systems come with different games for free? Like, if you bought the Black-blue, you'd get Pilotwings, Red you'd get Mario Kart, etc. But you could still buy the games in-store, but loose getting the game free with the console.

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I think and hope it'll be Steel Driver. Because it's not from a big franchise like the other games and like Miyamoto described it "submarine pet" but judging from the screenshots you also get to shoot other submarines and ships so it could appeal to many people, too.

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I hope they have a special White 3DS bundled with Kid Icarus. Though I would prefer to have that dark purple one, so I can name my 3ds the Mauve Avenger like on Hey Arnold

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@Dragoon: good idea

Blue: Star Fox 64
Red: Mario Kart
Grey: Metal Gear Solid 3

Then they can release a green one with Ocarina of Time.

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They most likely will not bundle anything with the system. If they did, it wouldn't be a big name title like Mario Kart that would make millions sold by itself.

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each one has a different n64 remake inside!
will this is how i would like it
pilotwings and legend of zelda 64 = blue
kid icarus and starfox 64 = black (my dream bundle ....wait no thats kingdom hearts too)
animal crossing and .........hopefully hey you pikachu (never played it but always wanted to only pokemon game i want) = red



It would probably be something simple that would be a new i.p. All of the games shown at the conference have a fanbase, so I doubt any of those will be packaged in.

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3DS ware/ 3D demo - Very unlikely to include a full retail game with launch. Bundles will come later in 3DS lifetime



Red: Mario Kart
Orange: Metroid
Yellow: Wario
Green: Zelda
Blue: Star Fox
Purple: Waluigi!
Black: Super Smash Bros.
Grey: Metal Gear Solid
White: Paper Mario
Pink: Kirby
Brown: Donkey Kong

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original DS (phat) had the demo metroid prime: hunters. DS lite - no bundle in us at launch.



It would probably be a good idea to include a game, since just playing your old DS titles won't show off the 3D to people. Pilotwings is probably the only game that would have appeal to everyone, but maybe they'll do something like the DSi where they'll give you 1000 points to download 3DSWare. That way they motivate people to figure out how to use the store, give people game options, and don't have to include a major title.

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Good point. Besides, I really don't think that they would give you a (possibly) 50 dollar game included with the system. They need to think of a game that's cheap, and has replay value. (Much like Wii Sports for the Wii)

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PLEASE, I would not like it if a certain color was bundled with a different game. For example, if the Black one had Metal Gear and Red had Mario Kart, I would have a problem. I want the Black 3DS but I don't want Metal Gear, and would much rather have Mario Kart instead, but would rather have Black than Red.

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HueyPNewton wrote:

I hope they have a special White 3DS bundled with Kid Icarus. Though I would prefer to have that dark purple one, so I can name my 3ds the Mauve Avenger like on Hey Arnold

You sir, just won an Internet.

Back on topic, I agree with Rally, because when the 3DS comes out, sure we would need a game, but dont you think it would be silly of them to give us a 30$ to 40$ game for free? Sure, they should do special bundles (like a Green - Blue 3DS for Animal Crossing), but we dont need a full game from the start. Maybe a 3DS Sports game?

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