Topic: Brain Age: Concentration Training easter eggs/discussion (minor spoilers)

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How are you guys liking Brain Age? I'm having a blast with it. Here's a fun little easter egg I noticed. On the title screen, you can rotate devil Dr. Kawashima's head by tilting your 3DS around. You can also shoot little white balls or something at his head by pressing L or R. If you tilt his head all the way up, try pressing L and R at the same time to shoot a ball into each of his nostrils. He'll sneeze them out and transform back to normal Dr. Kawashima. If you do it again, the top of his head will open up, and a big "Congratulations!" will pop out, along with confetti. After that, you can't shoot anything at him or rotate his head (unless you start up the game again of course). Are there any other cool tricks any of you have noticed? Also, feel free to share anything else you like or are wondering about this game!

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Have you tried using any the special words from the first game on the title screen?

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I've been wondering, has anybody played this or similar things enough to know if it actually works at what it hopes to do? I work from home, and I don't know how many times I sit down to get some work done and I just can't focus on it so I end up watching TV or playing video games instead. If this actually works, I think it would be a great investment. So does anyone have any thoughts?


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just started playing few days ago, and as Dr. ryuta said, devilish training really starts when you've reached your limit, let's say 3-back or level 12... i don't know how long will i see difference/effect, but the game really pushes your limit, and you really need to focus, as in i need to play it at night so that there's less distractions... will give my thoughts maybe after few more days/weeks...



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