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I was thinking about what games were overlooked on the Wii and BlastWorks was one of them that came to mind. Now, the reason why I believe this game stood out of all the others when it comes to a possible port or 'sequel' to 3DS is because of how it enforces creativity.

I think one of the flaws of BlastWorks is how intimidating creating levels, weapons, enemies, etc. were and had thought that it would probably be better on the DS. Throw in the the fact that the 3DS allows you to share content with others in a more streamlined way- a Blast Works game is a perfect match for the 3DS.

Anyone know of this game on the Wii or even own it? It's a pretty sweet game and I love the whole 'Blast Works Depot' to get new user created content- especially Mario and Megaman inspired levels.



I have it and it is a nice package, even though the standard game is nothing amazing. I haven't used the editor much though, partially because, as you said, it's quite complicated. But a 3DS version could be interesting. Also made me think a 3DS version of the DS game Bangai-O Spirits would be awesome with a similar level-sharing function.

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