Topic: Black screen of death Not fixable by update? called nintendo

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I called nintendo about the 3 ds black screen of death yesterday just to see what they were saying. They told me that if it happens more than a few times thee only option was to send it to them for repairs. I wonder if this means that it cant be fixed by a system update like alot of us were thinking? I have not had this issue I just wanted to see what there official stance was.



I'm quite sure it will be fixed by update. Those customer service people are just given the obvious answer, like updating the system and if the customer still has problems, they of course offer repair. I don't think they know much of anything about Nintendo that we don't already know. Nintendo is surely working on a firmware update solution right now....

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black screen what is this now

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considering an update is the likely cause, an update is more than likely the solution.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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abgar wrote:

considering an update is the likely cause, an update is more than likely the solution.

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Yeah. As far as I know everyone who hasn't updated hasn't had the error yet, including myself. So unless the update corrupted the hard drive or something, I'm calling BS. If you send it in they'll probably just restore it to the first system version.

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I can't imagine that all 5 systems I have access to are all broken from a hardware standpoint. It almost has to be a software glitch and one that can be easily fixed with an update.

And it's been over a week now and I haven't had a single error since turning off the wi-fi.

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I haven't been experiencing that with my 3DS. It might be fixed in an update, its possible, but who knows? Maybe it won't.

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I'm very curious what the culprit is. I've done the update and I play street fighter and ghost recon and keep my wifi on and nothing has happened to me at all. seems like the problem is hard to pin down, maybe letting nintendo look at your 3DS could be a good idea, it could conceivably be relatively widespread hardware problem and some people just got lucky right?

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I've worked in a call center. The representatives job is to get you off the phone with your average handle time met while trying to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. They were probably told what to say or if they aren't sure themselves they may try to give you any answer. If you were to call again and ask the same question you may even get a different answer.



I updated my system and never had the black screen error. Hope I don't! Been playing Pilotwings Resort

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People keep talking about this "black screen of death"... is it when you get "An error has occurred..." sign? I got it three times (had 3DS for 3weeks now...)

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now that i thought of it i think i got a wii black screen of death when i started up ocarina of time i paniced but i turned it off and turned it on again and i never got it since and i never got that on 3ds yet i got street fighter yesterday and no black screen its updated too.

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I heard this is more likely to happen to someone with the Aqua Blue 3DS. Any Cosmo Black people get it?


I have Cosmo Black. Hasn't happened at all. Not once. Haven't updated, and I've used every built-in software, along with Piotwings and Nintendogs + Cats.


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i feel lucky not seeing that black screen yet.

i updated, used every piece of software included and played over a dozen ds games. i only played and own street fighter 4 3d as an original 3ds title.

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Xkhaoz 3D wrote:

I heard this is more likely to happen to someone with the Aqua Blue 3DS. Any Cosmo Black people get it?

It sure would be strange for one color to have different issues from the other one, unless they somehow came from different manufacturing batches or whatnot.

In any case, mine is the Cosmo Black and I've not encountered this error a single time, and I always have on the WiFi when I play.

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Hmm, Xhkaoz may have stumbled upon something here, my Cosmos Black 3DS hasn't had it at all. And my Activity Log shows 56 hours and 37 minutes. ( )

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I have Aqua Blue, hasn't happened to me yet, have updated, don't know how to find out how many hours logged...
maybe it's a US-only problem? After all, the updates WERE different thanks to region...

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I have Cosmo Black and have never had the problem occur, I have played about 38 hours, I have updated and played every built in application, and have played about 10 hours on Piotwings, 7 hours on Ghost Recon, and 6 on super street fighter, wireless is rarely on.

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