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Game spammed me an email to take part in a survey to win a 3DS. I don't really need another, but I suppose I could give it to one of the cats or something, so I thought "I'm only supposed to be working, might as well".

The survey is supposed to take 15-20 mins to complete. Not a problem. First question - "Do you work or have you ever worked in any of these industries?" Video game retail and manufacture was an option. Development sort of is manufacture, so I tick that one. "Thanks for completing the survey, good luck!" is what I am greeted with.

Maybe I misread the first page and it was 15-20 seconds.

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lol, so what's the point of this?


It sounds like a survey for video games, so if you work in the video game industry (manufacture), they won't let you take the rest of the survey.


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what she_gamer said. you're probably still entered into it (surely they take into account how many people out of those responding total who said they were part of the gaming industry), they just couldn't accept any answers from you in the rest of their survey because you're not really John Q. Everygamer.

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After reading this post several times, I still don't get the point of this thread. I think this thread needs more undertones!

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Yes, I hate highly discriminative surveys which drag on and on (way longer than 20 min) for those who qualify. Another problem with them, is that you really need to create a new email before completing as they will sell your email to other companies for spam purposes! (who can in-turn sell it to another company) In short: don't bother with them, they're simply not worth it.

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Are you sure this was the 'Best. Survey. Ever' ? or was it the 'Shortest. Survey. Ever' ?

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Well, if he wins a 3DS for about 20 seconds worth of effort, that's pretty good (and if he doesn't win, he only wasted 20 seconds, so that's not so bad as well).

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I go to a site that lets you fill out tons of surveys and offers to gain points, which you can then cash in for things on eBay and Amazon. I think I know what happened. You just didn't qualify, so after the first question you were booted out, even though it says you completed the survey.
And also, what shinesprte said is right. It's best to make a new email for offers like that because if you don't, you'll soon find loads of spam every day.


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