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From the source, we roughly know about how much battery life you will get with the 3D turned on, power saving mode, wireless, etc. Please note that this might not be confirmed as of today, only until the 3DS is launched.

Note: Take this only as a rough gauge as this is only an estimation.

Battery Life for playing 3DS Games ONLY.

Power Saving Off + Highest Brightness Level = 3 hours
Power Saving On + Highest Brightness Level = 3 hours 36 minutes
Power Saving Off + Lowest Brightness Level = 5 hours
Power Saving On + Lowest Brightness Level = 5 hours 30 minutes
3D Effect On + Highest Brightness Level = 3 hours
3D Effect Off + Highest Brightness Level = 3 hours 45 minutes
3D Effect On + Lowest Brightness Level = 5 hours
3D Effect Off + Lowest Brightness Level = 6 hours 15 minutes
Wireless Used Intensively + Highest Brightness Level = 2 hours 42 minutes
Wireless On Only + Highest Brightness Level = 3 hours (Not so much change)

Battery Life for playing DS, DSiware, DSi Games ONLY.

Highest Brightness Level = 5 hours
Lowest Brightness Level = 8 hours
Wireless Used Intensively + Highest Brightness Level = 4 hours 30 minutes
Wireless Used Intensively + Lowest Brightness Level = 7 hours 12 minutes

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Wireless used intensively, Brightness on low, no sound = around 20 hours.


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What is this Power Saving business?

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Well, for me, what i'm using depends on what I'm doing. If I'm at home, where I have a charger nearby at all time, I'll probably have it on highest brightness, 3D, ect. If I'm on a trip without a charger, then lowest brightness. It just depends really.


Axoloth wrote:

What is this Power Saving business?

Also, standby mode. I'd be shocked if it weren't some insanely long amount of time, when you combine the fact that 1) the screen isn't on and 2) Nintendo is really pushing StreetPass and whatnot, but I'd still like to know for sure.

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My DS Lite is always on lowest brightness setting. As for the 3DS, it will vary a lot, but still be on the lowest brightness setting at all times. I think I'll use Power Saving (whatever the heck that is), as long as it saves me power. I don't use Wireless so intensively, in fact, I don't really use it at all on my Lite even. So, yeah, I should be better off.

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Power Saving Mode adjusts the back light to match the image on the screen so if the game is in a dark inviroment the back light turns down to match. No point in a fully lit black screen.

Ryuji Umezu wrote:

As mentioned earlier, what uses the most power in a handheld gaming device is the LCD backlight, and making one screen 3D presented the problem of even more power used by the backlight. The power save mode uses a technology called active backlight. It precisely controls the brightness of the backlight according to the brightness of the screen being displayed. When the screen as a whole is dark, the backlight itself gets darker, which saves power.


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Axoloth wrote:

What is this Power Saving business?

Longer time without the charger and you wont have to be praying it doesn't go out while saving.


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Well, I don't know how much I'll be using the 3D effect, but I know I won't be setting the brightness very high; I never do, not even on my Lite or DSi. So I won't need to worry about the battery life as much then!

Of course, it won't be on the lowest brightness, but it would never be highest, either. I'd say my battery will last around 4 hours and 45 minutes, tops. By then, I'd be home charging it, so....AWESOME! MY BATTERY WILL NEVER RUN LOW!

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I always thought using wireless halved the battery life.
Thanks for posting this, btw.

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Koops3 wrote:

If a lite won't work due to the cooky gadgets in it, and can't make an XL because it won't support sport pass. So what should they do?

They would simply continue selling the 3DS as it is. Nothing wrong with that.


Koops3 wrote:

But when the NGP comes out, they need plans

They wouldn't have to worry until the NGP decides to get a revision too.


Koops3 wrote:

But when the NGP comes out, they need plans


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tristenj1992 wrote:

Ashraf_2003 wrote:

I think you should wait for 3DS lite

Didn't you see the article posted on this very website?!

You do realise thats just PR talk right?
Ofcourse he isn't going to say that the next 3DS lite = already in the works. They will lose massive sales by that.

a bigger battery can already be placed inside. 2700mah battery's of the same shape are already there, but it adds expenses that nintendo just isn't going to do for now. Its a easy upgrade for them later on.

@Irken004, last reports the battery inside the ngp = 2x 2700mah. therefor i wouldn't be surpised that it even lasted a tiny bit longer then the 3DS already this date.

sorry but : Wireless Used Intensively + Highest Brightness Level = 2 hours 42 minutes
is really really bad. I'm buying a 3DS to use the full functions out of it.

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I see a lot of people complaining about the 3-5 hour battery life.

In this day in age battery life doesn't really matter as much.

There are car chargers for the car, and ofc you can keep it charged at home.

Bring it to school, your not going to use it but on ride to school, lunchbreak, maybe some freetime / recess if you have that, and ride home. If it's half hour for each, that's only 2 hours. Tac on another hour for fun, that is at MOST 3 hours your going to use it at school.

At work you'll probably have an outlet there, too. Heck, even if your stranded in the middle of the forest with no way back home, they have outlets that are fueled by solar and wood, lol.

I can't think of much situations you'll need alot of battery life. I can think of: If your at an all day boring convention where your sitting down and there are no outlets. Solitary Confinement. Kidnapped in an old guys wine cellar. Even in those situations, you can just bring extra batteries LOL. Seriously, battery life doesn't matter AT ALL. Except to save time changing your batteries or plugging it in.

I'd love to be corrected here, though. Can't think of any situation battery life is a problem...

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