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Looking forward to both titles.

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Well I found out that Blackgate takes place a little after Arkham Origins for home consoles.
I just beat the Wii U verision, so I can't wait to play this. I really hope that it is some what like the home console games in that there is a lot of replay value through hidden items and power-ups!

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Since the game is on sale right now i was wondering what the verdict is on this game from people that played the game a little bit longer.
Is the game a good Metroidvania game, how long is it and is the overall gameplqay any good?

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@Sinister For the price it's good. If you like the Arkham games you'll enjoy it. It lasts around 8-12 hours. When the gameplay works it's really enjoyable and fluid, though sometimes it falls a little flat. Overall, it's certainly worth a punt at the current price. I paid £20 and don't regret it!



Well I slapped down the £8.74 asking price, and so far so good. The controls are a bit... weird, especially if you've played the original games, the move to 2D platforming rather than 3D throws you off especially when fighting. But I don't have any real problems with the game, good fun so far.

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