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So, after playing some DS games on my 3DS, it got me thinking: how exactly will backwards compatibility work for the next handheld?
If the next one isn't in 3D, that might prove a significant issue. On top of that, the little nub on the side of the game paks could prove cumbersome.
So really, what do you think they should or shouldn't do in terms of the next handheld's backwards compatibility? Personally I just hope it lets me play my 3DS games.



I'm pretty sure Nintendo wouldn't just cut out last-gen compatibility with the next handheld. It will probably have the slider but if not, maybe you could just play the games without 3D?

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Probably downloads if the shape of the game carts changes. I doubt they'd add a second slot for 3/DS games.

As for 3D, it isn't needed at all.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I doubt Nintendo is going to release a console with backwards compatibility.
At least with their 1st model. Later more enhanced models will most likely rip out compatibility for 3DS, due to the development costs, and overall worth over popularity ratio.

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I think they'll keep the slot for 3DS games (at least for the next system, any after that will be download only for 3DS titles), but maybe cut out the actual 3D functionality. After all, with the exception of maybe Mario 3D Land, 3D has never really been more than an aesthetic gimmick, it's never actually required for any 3DS games.

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I don't believe the next Nintendo handheld will be in 3D. I don't believe it will have dual screens or a clam shell design either. And if that's the case there's no way it will be backward compatible. my pants.


So you somehow think in one system, Nintendo are going to completely throw away any chance of backwards compatibility with either the DS or 3DS? Because sorry, but if they honestly tried that for their next system, it'd probably do worse than the Wii U did at launch.

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I also think the next handheld won't be dual screen or 3D.

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Iwata said that 3D wasn't something they were necessarily going to include in future consoles. Then consider how hard it's been for both Nintendo and Sony to market their latest handhelds. Smart phones and tablets are making it hard for them. The 3DS really could be Nintendo last dedicated gaming handheld. And yes I do think they'll eventually throw away DS and 3DS backward compatibility just like they did with Game Boy Advance. You may be able to repurchase 3DS classics in digital form at some point though.

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@Gamesake I read that article a while back, and what I thought it meant was 3D wasn't going to be a selling point, not remove it completely.
As for DS games, I don't know. With the Gameboy Advance carts, it was a completely different slot needed. With the DS games, its the same slot. I think the DS games compatibility will survive the entire 3DS generation, but as I said before, only Nintendo knows.

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knuckles is right.....the article said that 3D won't be a key feature in any future handheld...he never once said that they would take it out completely.
here's the article

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3D isn't needed at all, I hardly use it. Carts on the other hand may be an issue, but they could put a second slot like they did for the original Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

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I'm always hearing people talk about the fact that they don't enable the 3D when playing games most of the time. Now, that seems bizarre to me, because I can't stand playing almost anything on the 3DS without the 3D enabled (the one exception so far being Dead or Alive Dimensions due to the dramatic frame-rate difference when the 3D is enabled). I LOVE the glasses-free 3D effect. I'll show off the effect in certain games to family and friends when it is particularly impressive. It's going to be a definite bummer if their next handheld is 2D.

Heck, I'll even switch the 3D on for a minute when I'm doing demon fusions in Devil Survivor Overclocked.

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