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I guess I'm old, but I can't stand wading through dialog boxes for minutes (or hours) to get to the gameplay in modern games. I use to consider myself a huge RPG fan in the 8/16 bit side of things, but the only one I seem to enjoy these days is Etrian Odyssey, because I can pick it up here and there expecting to be able to play. I understand this issue concerning generational divide and personal taste, and my mentioning it here is not for the purpose of argument.

I simply want to know what to expect with Fire Emblem: Awakening in terms of how long I must sit between rounds of gameplay while I'm forced to watch the "movie". Depending on the answer I'll have a better idea of whether I'll be picking it up. Thanks.



There is a LOT of dialogue. There aren't a whole lot of cutscenes. You can skip any of them by pressing start, but they're very well done, and the story is interesting. I don't like a whole lot of reading in games, either, and I didn't skip any of them.



You can skip all the dialogue and cutscenes.

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as everyone else has said, you can skip everything if you don't want to see it (i've been doing it that way to get through battles quicker). You can also set up your battles in-game regarding how much animation you want to see, you can go full-on or none at all. Give the demo a try and see how you like it. :3

If you have any further questions about FE:A, please feel free to ask in this thread here and I'm sure everyone will be glad to help you. :3

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