Topic: Augmented Reality comes to Nintendo Life (sort of)

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Those AR cards are cool. Know what's cooler? Taking photos of them next to Nintendo Life, of course.


More on my Twitpic photos page!



That's so cool! I can't wait to let my creativity unleash with these AR cards!

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Daaw, I wanna seee.

but it appears Twitter is down, on it's 5th anniversary. lol

edit: ok its back. awesome pics dood :]

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Taking requests for what you guys would like to see, AR-wise.



Haha, nice Link ones. I never thought they would be that cool!
I demand to see Toon Link running from a locked thread! please D:

Or maybe Samus fighting a teddy bear, lol.

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If you can track down a St. Bernard, I'd love to see a pick of Link riding it.

No, come to think of it I'd like to see YOU riding the St. Bernard and Link on your shoulder.

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Here's one that's actually possible:

Mario with the wing cap and Kirby on the warp star facing each other, on a collision course.

Or Samus shooting at Winged Mario and Kirby on the warp star, who both banded together against Samus and are speeding towards her. Samus's attacked missed, however, because Mario and Kirby seperated a bit, allowing her shot to pass between them.

Think you can do that, James?

BTW the Link ones remind me of a dog barking at a TV for some reason.

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I finally have a Wii U now! And Splatoon and Smash Bros U!

Nintendo Network ID: TeeJay92


Samus shooting out the tire of your car.



@Tj92 I think it's possible, but I don't know quite how much time I have to set something like that up

@rob_mc_1 I don't have a car, I'm afraid!

@Dragoon_Trainer @Sylverstone Sonic and Luigi aren't available as AR card characters at the moment. There's Samus Aran, Mario, Kirby, Pikmin and Link. Oh, and the funny box thing I hate.



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