Topic: asphalt 3D vs. Ridge Racer 3DS

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Well i think Asphalt 3D will be a bit too generic for my tastes. I'm not saying it will be a bad game though.
Actually i always liked Ridge Racer when i had the chance to play one of these games.
So if Namco doesn't mess this game up it may replace Street Fighter IV in my "to get as soon as i have a 3DS"-list. Along with Pilot Wings Resort.


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Review of Ridge Racer 3D is up. Well I can definitely say RR is the better one. After seeing the Asphalt trailer, it really looks cheap and less smooth in motion imho. And I've read some disappointing impressions about it. Yeah, I'd go for RR 3D, even if its graphics are PS2 level. Mario Kart before anything else.

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Shame the review doesn't go into a bit more detail. The last Ridge Racer game I played was Type 4, so being told that it's "recycled many levels" doesn't really tell me anything.. How much is there to unlock? How many courses, how many cars, how many modes?



Well, I read the new NP. It confirmed that there's no online play for Ridge Racer.


Asphalt 3D

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Burnout 3D. Make it happen, Criterion! [/fanboyism]

To be honest, if I had to choose one of the two, I would choose Ridge Racer 3D. It's the one that most looks like Burnout. [/realfanboyism]

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I still want Split/Second 3D

Oh, and that would be pretty awesome too.

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well im getting ridge racer but asphalt looks better blowup screen shots wise



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