Topic: asphalt 3D vs. Ridge Racer 3DS

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Which one will you get?



Dunno, if either has online I'll go for that one. Asphalt's OFLC rating indicated it did but it apparently doesn't....

They have different looks though, RR looks more subdued and ever so slightly more realistic than the super colourful, and somewhat overpowering Asphalt.

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Riiiidge Raceeeeer!!!

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armoredghor wrote:

Which one will you get?

Awesome topic. I have been trying to decide for awhile now! I love Ridge Racer games but a new Asphalt sounds good also.

I believe Ridge Racer 3D has online modes because I remember seeing a video with a player having a picture of themselves while racing against other players. This is cool idea and if it is a real time video, I would be even happier.

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Odnetnin wrote:

Mario Kart or bust.


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Asphalt 3D:
Ridge Racer 3D:
Both look pretty good.
I still want Split/Second 3D

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+1 for Mario Kart....... or Trackmania if that comes to the 3DS

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I was planning on buying both, but I also presumed Asphalt 3D was a port of Asphalt 6. I haven't played Asphalt 6, but the scenes in that trailer sure look like Asphalt 5 to me. Bummer. Ridge Racer is a must, its tradition.

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As yet undecided. Mario Kart trounces these hands down in terms of choice (and probably quality - but we shall see) but I was thinking of getting Asphalt 3D as I prefer its framework. The previews make Ridge Racer the superior racer in terms of its use of 3D whilst racing.

I may not get either straight away. I'll wait till later in the year I expect.


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Ridgeeeee Racerrrr. With ease.



Yeh I'm not getting either of them now. Going to wait for Trackmania or whatever else Firebrand makes. They are working on 3DS.

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Definitely Ridge Racer. Heard some very bad things about Asphalt.



Mario Kart

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Ridge Racer all the way. I've always been a fan of Ridge Racer right back to the PS1 days.

I have Ridge racer 7 for my ps3, had it since the ps3 came out and still enjoy it to this day. Admitedly its been gathering dust since I bought Gran Turismo 5 but still a good game



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