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Sportsfan1712 wrote:

I am preordering it!!!

I can't pre-order on the eShop

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SockoMario wrote:

I'm buying both. But the 3DS version looks boring.

How does it look "boring"?

I'm getting both...and spending about $200 most likely on Smash. Good job Nintendo

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I'm getting both versions for the portable smashing and to be able to get some time getting adjusted to the game so by the time it launches on Wii U i'll have some characters mastered.

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Definitely getting both. while the Wii U version will probably be a bit better, the 3ds one looks like it'll be awesome. I really enjoyed it at Smash Fest and am Super Hyped for it. I'm hoping that there'll be a special edition 3ds XL as this game seems like the perfect excuse to finally upgrade to an XL.

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Unca_Lz wrote:

SockoMario wrote:

I'm buying both. But the 3DS version looks boring.

How does it look "boring"?

I'm getting both...and spending about $200 most likely on Smash. Good job Nintendo

I'm not a big fan of the game's atmosphere, artstyle, and the game just feels lonely to me.

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Getting the 3DS version on day one! As soon as it's up for digital download, I take a day off work




Considering that Smash will likely be my major gaming experience over the next 5 years, I have no problem going all out with this.

  • I plan to buy a Smash limited edition 3DS XL if one comes out. I've been meaning to upgrade from my regular 3DS for a while now anyway.
  • I plan to also buy the Wii U version at launch.
  • I plan to buy the Gamecube controller adapter and 2 controllers (I already have 2 like-new controllers for Gamecube, 2 others are getting old and could use replacing).
  • I plan to buy at least a dozen amiibos.

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Probably will get the 3ds version considering i dont own a wii u lol.

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Unca_Lz wrote:

SockoMario wrote:

I'm buying both. But the 3DS version looks boring.

How does it look "boring"?

I'm getting both...and spending about $200 most likely on Smash. Good job Nintendo

Same I already have the bundle and the 3ds version pre ordered which is 140 dollars in itself and plus the amiibos I'll be broke for awhile.

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I will get both, but I'm really worried this game is going to wear out my 3DS nub and make it all wobbly. I hope we can use the D-Pad



I really can't see myself playing this game on the 3DS, is one of my favorite Nintendo games. I was gonna wait for FE X SMT, or Xenoblade Chronicles, but I'll probably finally get a WiiU for Smash. Then, at least, I can finally play my copy of Wonderful 101.

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Of course I am! I have it pre-ordered and I'm ready to wreck people with Villager in October!
I might get the Wii U version, but probaly in 2015, the year when I get a Wii U.
Hope there's some mini tournaments online here a couple days after release, so I can practice with real people.


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I've been wanting portable Smash since the GBA.

So, yes.

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I'm getting both, with the Gamecube Controller Adapter (with a new controller) and hopefully all of the amiibos.

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I'm getting both. Extremely excited.

I'm also hoping for a special edition XL. My XL broke and, as it's summer, consoles are expensive right now, so I bought a 2DS for £70. I'm hoping to updrage to a Smash Bros special edition in October or Pokemon in November.



I'd like to, but I'm going to wait 'till Smash U releases so I can see which is superior. Not like it's gonna be the 3DS.

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Both. I have had the 3DS pre-ordered since last E3. Plus I've never played it before so I want to get a feel for the game. Before the Wii U version comes out obviously.

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If I buy Smash Bros at all it will be the 3DS version. But it's not an anticipated title for me by any stretch



I'll be purchasing both. I need to try out smash on the go and i'll need the wiiu for playing locally with friends. Not everyone has a 3DS, but anyone can play some Local Mulitplayer on the WiiU

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no i dont like fighting games at all

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