Topic: Are Bikes in Mario Kart 3Ds?

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Even more important: Does it have Rosalina in it?



If there are bikes in the game they should just have the same abilities as the karts similar to Waluigi's bike in Mario Kart DS.

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Don't think so. I hope not. Hated those damn things.



I highly doubt it. MKWii was cheap for two reasons... rubberbanding AI and bikes. Bikes could glide around corners effortless and you could hug the edge as much as you liked.

As long as you had drifting, turbo boost+wheelie for straights perfected, you could nail 1st place every single time.

They might be cheap and nasty, but hey, if they're there and they help you win easier, I'm gonna bloody well have it!

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I wouldn't mind either way of there were bikes, but it looks as if there aren't.

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WhoKnew wrote:

SimmerE15 wrote:

I really don't think I can play a Mario Kart without bikes, and the trick system o.O
I hope they make it into the game!

Is Mario Kart Wii the only Mario Kart you've played?

No, I played the N64 version too


Rosalina was awesome!
I never used hermuch though, because she was a large person instead of medium lol


Thanks 8)


For me, Diddy Kong+Sneakster= Win!


That would be awesome!
It's about time for Nintendo to add something like that...


I agree
I hope there is way more custimazation besides the stuff we saw!


Yah, I guess the bikes were kinda cheap lol
I always drifted closely to the inner side, on turns, and did popa-wheelies all the time XD


Miis were awesome 8)
I hope in Mario Kart 7, they make them look more like they're from the mario universe!

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My best vehicle on MKW was the Flame Runner which happened to be a bike, but if their not in MK3DS I'm not gonna be heart broken

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If bikes were so cheap and allowed people to always come in first, then why did anyone bother using Karts in Mario Kart Wii in the first place?

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The Funky Kong and Bike combo was what really bothered me- Daisy with a bike, Peach, Mario- those never really bothered me. But to be in a race with 4 Funky Kongs on a bike with my VR near 8000 only to see it drop immensely bothered me and I can never reach 9999VR with my Mii and Wild Wing (favorite car because it looks sexy) even though I'm really skillful. And I use the Wii Wheel because I find it more engaging and playing MK Double Dash, I always tend to tilt the controller side to side as if it was a steering wheel especially in sharp corners (Bowser's Castle, for example). Glad it became a reality with MKWii.

I'll most likely be using my Mii in MK3DS than any other character too

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Bikes made the game much more challenging.. and sometimes downright unfair to win Still I hope they bring them back

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Here are another great Mario Kart 7 video from ComicCon 2011.

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I can't wait for this game. It's going to be freaking awesome



I hope they r, but I know they aren't.

Also: Baby Luigi + Magikruiser = Win!!!

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this looks great! i would have to say my favorite part of this game the customization of the karts! i hope theres lots of parts to unlock:)

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