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Don't know whether anybody will class this as spoilers, as some of these seem to be things you have to do to get all the fish...

1) Put the AR card on a blue surface, and you get a shoal of sardines
2) Red makes Cheep Cheeps appear
3)Green will make Koopa shells rain down
4) Yellow will let you fish and catch the AR box creature (Mr AR, I believe is his name)

Other stuff I have seen is rainbows appearing causing five rare fish to appear, being able to knock a UFO into the water with the fishing rod, and subsequently being able to catch it as well as Lakitu appearing (he catches a blooper). I don't know whether Lakitu is just for show, or if you can steal his blooper. One of the hints in the fishing guide thing you can buy is "When a real pro appears", so I assume he is the real pro. No idea what to do with him though!

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Ooooooo thanks ill have try this:-)

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