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": We've talked about remixing Ocarina of Time for a long time, saying "should we remake Ocarina of Time for Wii?" And, to be honest, I said no. I didn't want to just re-release it on a different platform -- I wanted to have a specific reason to remake Ocarina of Time. I didn't want to just make a port. And so I was waiting for something to come along that would not only help us to retell the story, but improve upon it. Making it different, more unique in its own way. Now, with 3D, we're able to take the environments of Hyrule and add depth -- giving them a more expansive feeling, a more immersive feeling. In addition to that, now that we have the 3D we can looking forward to new ways to implement 3D into the gameplay and make it fresh and new. And we also have the motion sensors that are built-in to the Nintendo 3DS. So we're looking at quite a few ways to make the gameplay more immersive, more natural, more accessible. So again, not just a port -- but a retelling of the tale using new technologies to reinvent it. "--Eiji Aonuma.

This is interesting. The words remixed and "retelling". This may be much more than a visual overhaul...

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Just combine OoT and MM please!



Hopefully the town won't look like a grayish blob this time.



feel free to continue this discussion in the OoT Remake thread. :3

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