Topic: anyone planning on trading their ds towards a 3ds?

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i cant really see myself playing my dsi since the 3ds will be backwards capatible but what about all the the games i downloaded. What would you do?

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Keep DSi but not for the downloaded games but just because I collect now, and the DSi and Lite and Phat are apart of the line up

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I would keep my DS for a while, then sell it for a good price when they aren't around in stores anymore.

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Nope, I'll be keeping my DS Lite. I don't sell my systems or handhelds OR games anymore. I like to collect after all.



I have an XL so I'll be keeping that, but my PSP 3000 that has been collecting dust for a year is getting the boot.

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Yup, it's cheaper that way

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Nope. It'll just join my past-gens collection next to my GBA SP.

You just saved me a Grammar Police post by mentioning the their/there thing. =)

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grenworthshero wrote:

I don't have a DS, but if I did the answer would be no. And the title is bothering me a lot. It should be "their", not "there".

I fixed it



I have a DSi and DS Lite, so I'll trade the Lite in if there is going to be a better trade in offer.


Haha, NO! Why would I give up a machine that I know works and has been working for my for over 6 years, just to get a new machine that might break in the first week for all I know?

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I'm not sure if I will. i still have a GBAsp to play those games, but I like the rumble pak with games like MPhunters, Pinball, and partners in time, so I don't know if I want to give it up D:


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Mickeymac wrote:

Haha, NO! Why would I give up a machine that I know works and has been working for my for over 6 years, just to get a new machine that might break in the first week for all I know?

Because it has backwards capability with DS games.

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I will wait a while before getting a 3DS, but probably. I don't have a DSi, so DSiWare isn't a problem for me.

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Yup, that or craigslisting it earlier as there's nothing of value left coming out that isn't shovelware, licensed or kiddy left other than the second Kunio (River City Ransom) game next month with the remake of Crash and the Boys Street Challenge (last month was the first with River City Soccer Hooligans.) If I learn Lamestop will do the $100 trade-in deal the day the system comes out I'll go that way, but if I can pander it online (craigslist, etc) for more then I'll do that and use my psp, etc in the mean time. I see no reason to keep a DSi when it offers me nothing the 3DS won't already do anyways, and for my older stuff that's what my late model backlit GBA SP is for (and the GB Player.)

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Yeah, most likely. I'll sell it to someone on Craigslist by comparing prices to Gamestop, and adding the fact that it has downloaded games and is in the box. I'll buy a DSi later on in life, like I'm currently doing with a Gameboy Micro.

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Only if there is a way to send the DSiWare over.

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Also, it's silly how people sell spend all of this money on games and systems and then sell them all just to get the next new system or handheld. Do you guys realise how much money you're losing? Not only that, but You'll look back and cherish the time you've spent with those games and systems only to realise that you don't have them anymore You can't take that trip back to nostalgia lane.

I did the same exact thing with my Nes when the Genesis came out, and I totaly regret it. But of course I've basically regained half of my collection and more. But it would of been awesome to have the exact games and systems I use to play on. Oh well, I still have my SNES from the 90's!

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