Topic: Anyone have a fix for busted Animal Crossing cartridge (nl)?

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It was working perfectly fine yesterday but sudden my 3ds cant read it. Everything else is working fine but its like its not even in the console. Got this from a friend who no longer has the receipt so i cant get it fixed through nintendo. I think something might have gone wrong when my 3ds fell off the chair onto the floor a few days ago (but was wrapped up in a 3ds soft cover case)

The only thing i can see wrong is that it rattles a little bit while the rest of my cartridges don't.

I'll be heartbroken if i cant fix this, you lot are my only chance

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so other cartridges work fine?
i would contact nintendo anyway. if you dont want to loose your savedata then they should be the ones who can help you. maybe they will seel you a new cartridge but with your old save file? i dont know

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Yeah I have tested out three other 3ds games and all work fine, only AC:NL is giving me troubles



You could try blowing on the AC cart. It's not good for it in the long run, but if you can't get it working any other way it's worth a shot.

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