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I don't have an American credit card either, but I partake of the Wii and DSi shops often. Also you don't need an American credit card to shop online for retail NA games.

I don't believe the Japanese releases of US/EU/AU games will be in English, and 99% of the time they won't have language selection. The only JP games I own with an English language option are the first three Phoenix Wright games, but they were advertised in Japan as having that feature.

Downloadable games will definitely have Japanese text only. Text-heavy Japan-only games (and there are many of them) will not be playable for you either. Then you have extra expenses per game due to importing - shipping, customs, censorship. (Though that applies to any non-AU games for you anyway.) Overall I'd say it isn't worth it.

If you speak fluent Japanese then go for it.

If anything, region locking is a good argument for getting a NA 3DS over any other. Well for me anyway - thankfully here in Asia we have access to hardware and games of every region.

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Yes, I agree. That is the only reason why I never import games/systems from Japan. I would like to understand what's happening in my games thank you very much.


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1: You won't be able to change the language for the system's menus (like the DSi).

2: The games will be region locked.

3: The only logical reason to import a 3DS, is if you want to play a lot of import-only games (of which there will be a ton). If you love import only games, than buy a Japanese 3DS (and buy a North American 3DS for US releases).



AllanAokage wrote:

Arcanum wrote:

Dude the Japanese 3DS release and overseas 3DS release's are only 1 month apart......

Maybe they're in a rush?

Well the 3DS won't get to the person buying it from japan in one would take a bit.....and by the time you get it the 3DS would come out in about 15(give or take) more days overseas and not cost as much as having to import it.....

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Actually, HolyMackerel, Japanese electricity is not exactly the same. i found some good information here regarding the use of Japanese appliances brought back to America. idk what it would mean for a 3DS, though; i'm no expert :3

Interesting. My friend imported a DS Lite from Japan and it works fine with US plugs, so I would think the 3DS would be ok.

I'm not importing unless it's region coded and there are enough Japan-only games that I want. Videogames are too expensive in Asia for me to even think about picking one up there.

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