Topic: Anyone else watching OK Go one last time?

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i m watching it over and over now

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@18 I definitely agree that the audio sounded "compressed-ish". The bass particularly sounded horrible. I use my 3DS as an MP3 player through my motorcycle intercom, so I play a ton of music with the 3DS, and the audio for the OK Go vid was way worse than some of Moby that I ripped at 128Kbps.

Still, that vid was the thing that non-gamers were pretty wowed by.

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Not really a fan of music.



I thought the video's 3D was pretty impressive, well first off it's glasses free, which is cool enough by itself, and at one point it seemed like the dogs were poking their head through the screen.
And I just watched it while typing this comment

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...Nah, I don't care for music videos, saw it already. Just watching Sony's conference while constantly looking at my 3DS for a SpotPass light, lol.


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