Topic: Anyone else getting worried? ( OOT Launch + Club Nintendo Related)

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So, I saw a list of stores that will be open early for the launch of Zelda OOT 3DS and I noticed I dont have any in my area. This made me think "dang, I'm going to miss out on the club nintendo bonus because it'll be gone by the time my store is open." Anyone else think this?

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I've already accepted that I won't be snagging any Club Nintendo limited edition registry items, so it doesn't concern me. I can understand how other hoping to get a prize would be worried though. It's a bit unfair that some people get a head start when stores break the release date.


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Yeah, I just found out my store wont open until 11AM EST tommorow morning >.> I'm going to have to be really lucky to get one of those soundtracks now

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Feel free to continue this discussion in this existing thread. :3

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