Topic: Any 3d compatible sites for browser?

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Having sites dedicated to 3DS compatible 3D images is a neat idea that died off way too early, with almost no one coming up with a great site.

The only notable sites that I can think of are:

3DScreenshot - It was awesome in the beginning, but now largely obsolete due to the eShop. If they were to focus on converting images of old games into 3D (like they did for the first NSMB), they would be awesome again.

3Dporch - The biggest success story, it has by far the largest collection of photos (and continues to grow daily), but with no search function, you're relegated to looking at the newest uploaded photos, which mostly consist of people taking random pictures of their hands, pets, house, ect. (In other words, you have to trudge through a bunch of boring stuff before hopefully finding a gem).

Share3DS - It's the smallest of the three (and updates the least frequently), and consists of a small collection of 3DS screenshots, mediocre fan art, and random pictures (and is outdone by the eShop/3DScreenshot, Colors! 3D, & 3DPorch respectfully).

If only there were a site dedicated to bringing us 3D screenshots of classic games, movies, & tv shows, along with some conversions of famous images/pictures & promotional artwork, it could be truely special.


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skywake wrote:

hmm... can you embed a 3D image into the forums?


can someone point the 3DS browser here and tell us if that works?

After viewing this image in the updated 3DS Browser, I can assure you that I can see the image in 3D.



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