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Hello- me again! I collect Nintendo items. I am looking for a few things, listed in order of most wanted:
1. Mushroom Mural(Will buy or trade)
2. Yellow Pikmin Hat (Will buy or trade)
3. Cabana wall (Will buy or trade)
4. Golden Toilet (Will buy or trade)
5. Varia Suit, Varia suit pants and Varia suit boots (Will buy or trade)
6. S.S Dolphin (Will buy or trade)

Here are the items I am willing to trade:

1. Toad hat
2. Bad Bro/Wario's mustache (x2)
3. A Goal Pole
4. A Block Floor
5. A Metroid
6. An Arwing
7. A Gold Bug-Off Trophy ( I time-travelled to get it and I don't want it!)
8. A Gold Wall (Only if you give me one of my requests or 10,000 bells!)
9. A Silver Shovel
10. A Silver Net
11. A Silver Slingshot
12. Bells
13. ? Block
14. Hero's Clothes

Please reply if you have any of my requests and add me! Friend code is 2852-7885-1836

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If anyone's still playing, could someone look out for any turnip prices 200+ per turnip? I bought 3M bells worth of turnips and I really want to get money so I can buy the Public Projects I need and I achieve that 100M Bell badge.

Friend Safari: Butterfree, Venomoth, and Volbeat (if there are any Bug Catchers out there...?)
Looking For: Ditto, Magneton Friend Safaries (please contact me if you have any)

Super Smash Bros Mains:
Kirby, King Dedede, Mega Man

Nintendo Network ID: JonathanTennyson | Twitter:


@noonch. You around?

Fc: 3883-5628-9096
Have 4 characters: corinne, memaw, piper, kyle
Houses are rustic, antique, harmonious ,toy shop
do not shovel or chop, DO NOT pick flowers or mushrooms
Stay on path, don't run
Feel free to take fruit- I have all
Dream address 4700-2847-6813


Memaw1 wrote:

@noonch. You around?

Sorry, am now. All day tomorrow too.

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