Topic: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Item Sharing/Trading Thread

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Sounds great! Let me know when your gate is open and I'll bring it

My friend code is 4184-1401-8611



Triforce - 2000
Super Star - 2000
Super Mushroom - 2000 (sold)
Peach's Parasol x2 - 1000
Fi Mask - 1000
Blue Pikmin - 1000
Toad Hat - 1000 (sold)
Bad Bro's Stache - 2000

Trade for:

Hero's Clothes
Hero's Shoes
Astro Bed
Astro Clock
Astro Lamp
Astro Shelf
Astro Table
Astro Wall
Astro Floor

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Hey @ELI-ASH could you open your gate ill give you that exotic screen and i have 3 golden nuggets if you want to buy ? Also i have to sell my perfect fruits if thats ok ?

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SkywardLink98 wrote:

@Shire my gate is open if you want to do it now.

Sorry, I missed you yesterday.

I should be on later. I'll try to check back here more today so I don't miss you.

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If anyone has sapphire I have 6 amethyst 1 gold 1 emerald 4 silver 2 ruby ill trade any for sapphire or I could bye my fc is 0302-0013-6194



Sorry melon puffs I had to do something



Chris ill bye the triforce my fc is 0302-0013-6194 i added u



@Shire my gate's open now if you want to do the trade.

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Selling -
Master sword
Blue Pikmin
Majora's Mask
Rainbow Screen (Only have 1 for sale ATM have ordered a few more if anyone want's and i will always order more for people if they would like !)
2 fake painting's

What im accepting-
Bush shrubs
Yellow bow
Blue bow
Heart hair pin
Moon hair pin
Zebra tank
Twinkle tank

I also have all the fruit if anyone needs a certain one ^_^

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SkywardLink98 wrote:

@Shire my gate's open now if you want to do the trade.

Grr, I missed you again. I was walking the dog.

I should be on for the next couple of hours.

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My 3DS friend code is 5026-5067-5778!


Any one i have gold silver Emerald amethyst ruby i will trade any for saphire



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