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@ELI-ASH gate is open

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I thought I had to go to the dream sweet to get to your town but I figured it out



Salio556 wrote:

I thought I had to go to the dream sweet to get to your town but I figured it out

oh okay

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Just incase anyone misses the other thread, Reese is currently buying turnips in my town for 434 each!

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I need friends on my 3ds that have ACNL.
I am looking for any kind of fruit, especially pears, or peaches. Pricess can be discussed in game.
[ I'm kinda new to new leaf, but I remember allot from the wii animal crossing. ]

»»»Please respond.«««

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the_dude57 wrote:

@darkstar19 i could order u much u willing to pay for it?

@NoUsernameHere thatd be pretty cool

sorry it took so long for me to reply and how is 10,000 bells?

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ChrisT99 wrote:

This thread is for organizing sharing/trading or selling of items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I will start by giving everyone on my Friend List an offer:

Item/Price I'll sell it for:

  • Varia Suit Shoes for 840 bells
  • 3 pears for 1500 bells
  • paw-print wall for 780
  • amethyst for 4,000 bells

I will also accept 7,000 for all 4 of those items, a savings of 120 bells!

Hello I'm NightmareXIV, and I saw the first post on the thread which gave me an idea.

Please respond if you're interested.

Earlier release petiton

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@ReshiramZekrom: sure, what would you be willing to trade for the coin?

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Does anybody know if there is a Waluigi cap?
I am asking because I have a mario, wario, and luigi hat and I want to complete the collection.



NoUsernameHere wrote:

@3DSFan134 What new update? This is in the wrong thread....AGAIN.

I meant the new update for the 3DS.

Who wants the robo clock and the robo chair? I'm selling both for 5,000 bells.

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