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Is the 25k correct for the hat above?(hahaha) ...and I think you offered 30k for the egg?

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@chriiis yeah so 56k for both? Is that okay?

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Fine with me.

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Okay cool

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Added by the way, ha.

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hey guys im currently looking for a modern wood set, lovely set, and modern set if anyone has them

willing to pay 100k per set or more price doesnt matter...i have all the fruits if anyone wants htem

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Does anyone have the modern bed and whats your price?

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I have a spare Triforce and Super Star. You can either buy them or trade them for Hero's Top, Hero's Shoes or Astro stuff.

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@Chris720 I'll buy those from you as well. How much will it be for those 2 items, along with the Peach Parasol included in the price?

EDIT: I don't need the Peach Parasol anymore, as I just got one from a fortune cookie.

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Does anybody have the Blue Zap Suit?
I will be willing to trade the Fire Bar if you have it.



I have a few Nintendo items, mainly a Triforce, Coin, Triple Red Shells and a few others, I would be willing to trade. Mainly looking for Heroes Clothes, Heroes Cap and the Super Mario Bros. flooring (I have the Mushroom Mural and would like to complete the room.) If you would be willing to trade, please let me know so we can arrange a time to meet up.

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Despair1087 wrote:

@ JogurtTheYogurt I have 2 gold nuggets for sale

and if any one else is interested I have the following:

-4 silver nuggets
-6 emeralds
-6 sapphires
-5 rubies
-5 amethysts

Ah man just missed you do you still have the gold nuggets ?
i have a TON of gems i need to get rid of its filling my room ( fully expanded lol ) message me back if you still want to trade

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Hey guys,
I'm looking for Astro and Robo furniture. Here is my list :
-Astro Wall
-Astro Clock
-Astro Closet
-Astro Dresser
-Robo Stereo
-Robo Bed
-Robo Dresser
-Robo Lamp
-Robo Chair
I'm also looking for guys who have Arched Astro Door, Concrete Fence and Astro Roof in their Nook's Homes (giving 10000bells for the host)

I want to buy with Bells and here's my FC :

Thanks !
PS : Sorry for my english, I'm French.

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