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I don't know how to reply to any posts on here but I would really love some friends:) my 3ds friend code is 3969-4585-2235 my ID is amy

Please and thank you!!!



Replying is simple. You click in the rectangle similar to the ones needed to make this thread, on the bottom. Then you type out your mind. Simple as that. You then click the "post reply" button below the rectangle to share your thoughts.
Also, welcome to Nintendo Life!

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Thank you for your guys' help! Also I added all of you so please add me



amymarie826 wrote:

Thank you for your guys' help! Also I added all of you so please add me

@amymarie826 I will add you. My info is below.

FC is 1564-2089-8332. Name is angie.


Hello all, first time handing out my friend code 3265-5068-5439. I play on the 3DS even more now that I have Animal crossing, I'm on it daily so add me if you want. Thanks.



Welcome to NintendoLife, folks. If you want to trade friend codes, there's a thread here:
and if you want to talk about the game, here's the place for that, too:

Have fun!

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