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Topic: Animal Crossing - 3DS - Town Names ?

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Morphtorok wrote:

Since I'm a night owl, I'll be arriving at the town at midnight, and will be naming the town associated with late night things. I'm thinking "Town of Moon" but that may have different interpretations, some not so favorable. Moonton? Moonburg? Moonville?

Lunaton? (Looneytown. Uh, no)

Oh, well. I'll think of something.

Lunavale leapt to my mind. Continuing your celestial theme I've named my town Borealis ever since Wild World.


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My town name is going to be Hazzard. I'm naming it after my favorite show, "The Dukes of Hazzard". And I'm pretty sure my wife will name her town Peepers again.

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Not sure yet...maybe Cincy (being a fan of the Reds)

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I wanted to name mine Lion's Arch but if the 8 character limit is real I'll go with something like Joshland since I deserve a town named after me. Though Skyloft is pretty cool too since I'll probably end up looking like Link.

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