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Hi guys,

Just wondering how badly does time traveling effect your game? I've never really done it before but I'm in a position where I've lost the opportunity to catch a certain fish (Giant Snakehead, 9am -4pm). I was considering putting my town back by a few hours to give me a chance to catch it, would this small time change have a big effect or not?



If you have turnips they will spoil, some events may be interrupted, and every animal in town will talk about it as part of their rumors.

So basically it's kinda like stealing in Link's Awakening. Life goes on, but you're branded as a cheater.

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@Yosheel me stupid but I hate the idea of the game branding me a cheater! Hmm, maybe I'll have to visit someone else's town where I can still catch a Giant Snakehead.



nikkilew0219 wrote:

some jerk locked my thread.

@nikkilew0219 calling an administrator a jerk is not very smart to be fair.


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"I tried making a thread about returning back to town and wanting to make new friends after recovering from brain surgery and some jerk locked my thread."

There is a rule here to not make a duplicate thread.
Thread about Animal Crossing New Leaf has been already exist long time ago.
Your latest thread has been locked by moderators here because you have created a thread to add your ACNL friend Code that actually there was a thread about that long time ago and you haven't realized yet the existence of that thread.
Oh, please do NOT call moderators / administrator here as a jerk.
They were supervising the attitudes of us as users here.
It's also moderator's job to lock duplicated threads.

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Octane not a jerk? I lost all respect for him...


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