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I just created a new player character for the first time. I've had the games for 4 years, and never had another player character until now. What's funny is that my new character looks the same as my old character. Guess it just fits the dual-identity nature more. Plus, it will be cool to see how villagers react to a non-mayor inhabitant.

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Just re-opened my town, upgraded to "welcome amiibo" and am enjoying it after a few years break. This is pure curiosity, but I can't find any information after a good trawl around - at the start just after the upgrade we are given an item called "instruction manual" which has the option either to 1. drop on the ground or 2. quit. What's that about? I dropped mine on the ground outside my house, but it just sits there. Was I supposed to keep it in my pocket? How do I use it? Anybody know?

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Can now answer this myself, and I admit to being a bit thick. When you take the instruction manual into your home, the "drop on ground" option changes to "display". When displayed on floor or furniture surface you have a big green book which actually let's you access the instruction manual from your home inside the game, rather than needing to suspend playing to access it in the usual manner. Brilliant idea for the newbies.
Will leave this here in case there is anyone else like me who doesn't cotton on to quickly ūüėĀ

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