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I don't want the heart of the game to change ... what I really want is different furniture and things to buy. I can't believe when I see old version of the game how it's all just the same. And so many people complained when the Wii version came out how it was no good, and how they didn't want to build their town all over again when they spent so much time on the other versions. I guess what I really mean is I don't want to hear people moaning because it's the same game they've already played. I loved the Wii version, and except for the grass wearing away, I thought it was great. But so many people said it was an awful game and no-where near as good as X-version. It started to be that I wouldn't even talk about how much I enjoyed playing on the Wii.
With Nintendo taking this long to get the 3D version out to us, I sure hope it lives up to the anticipation everyone has.

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Mahary wrote:

BenAV wrote:

My friends list is starting to fill up, but I'll totally have to find room for some Animal Crossing players.
I wish they got rid of the 100 person limit.
That was fine for individual games, but it's not enough when each game shares the same code.


You Have Me !! Im getting the game in Day One


Same for me

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pretty sure nintendo will focus on new games this conference.

the games we already know comming out soon will be at the softwareshowcase tomorrow

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

I won't be surprised if this is the best game on the system. Man... I'm so excited.

I would say the same but it couldn't possibly be better than Tales of the Abyss but it seems likely that it will be the second best game on the 3DS.


As much as I'm excited for this not sure they should spend conference time on this. Wave that stuff for the software showcase. Nit sure you can change animal crossing that much to show on stage.


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I was disappointed we didn't see AC3DS at the presentation today but at least we'll see it for sure tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get an in-depth look at it with playable versions available. I'm a little concerned about the release date. Considering both Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion both have "holiday" release dates, I hope AC3DS doesn't get released in December or even later. I think it's supposed to come out in Japan in October so let's hope for a simultaneous worldwide release.



Yeah, they could of at least shown Animal Crossing 3DS in a quick video, and gone more in depth tomorrow. Oh well, this game doesn't need much explaining. Besides a release date, just a nice new trailer would make me happy.

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Don't lose hope guys we still have that one hour 3DS showing tomorrow.

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Well, it looks like AC3DS has been delayed into 2013 for the West, which is why they didn't profile it at all this E3. The Wii version came out everywhere around the same time so I'm not sure why it's been delayed in the West this time around. It's still scheduled for the fall in Japan. Maybe they want it to fill in the first quarter game slot for next year after all the holiday games coming for 3DS this year.

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@sc100, where did you hear it was delayed to 2013?

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Well, I think it will be released this october in japan, so it makes sense it will take some time to reach west.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I just said "it looks like" it's been delayed into 2013. I haven't seen anything official about that. It was also not listed among the "Coming in 2012" list that they showed at the 3DS conference just now at the very end. So I think that's a pretty definitive sign.



Emaan1 wrote:

@sc100, where did you hear it was delayed to 2013?

Well it was not in the 2012 3DS list. :/

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I want an all new animal crossing game, not updated versions of the old Gamecube/DS one.

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My only hope is that they've taken this extra time to put some cool stuff in the game and make it even better. Maybe they're gonna hook it up to the Miiverse?



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After no info at the main conference I hoped that maybe Nintendo would surprise everyone by saying "and Animal Crossing is available to download straight to your 3DS tonight!"
I just don't understand. Even if it's not out until next year why no info at all. Did they move the whole team to finishing NintendoLand in time for launch or something???

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Interesting that it didn't even get a single mention.
Maybe that's partly due to it being moved to next year and they seemed to be only focused on games releasing this year.
Or maybe they're making some big additions to it or something.
My bet is just on the former though.

Oh well, there's so many games coming out this year and I can't afford them all, so I'm happy for some to move back a bit.
The Wii U's online features have also made me less excited for a 3DS Animal Crossing as the game seems like it'll be right at home on the Wii U.
Maybe they're making one on the Wii U and they're holding back on the 3DS one while they work on some sort of compatibility between the two.
Who knows?


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