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Downloading as well! This may take a while...

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Cool. It came a half an hour sooner than I expected... I just started downloading it.


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Well time for me to go to bed...(and dream of getting this game ) You all have fun. Now I need to ditch this site for the next like 8 hours....PEACE!!!!!!

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Just woke up a half hour ago and downloading! I have all to play this game!

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Almost done! Woohoo!

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OMG My internet is slowing down arghhh
Come to papaaaaa

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Can someone, honestly, explain to me, a newbie, why I should (possibly) invest in this?

If it helps, I'd like to tell you all that I've already played several Harvest Moon games.

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It's downloading right now!!

It's like christmas in summer!

Meowph, that's right!

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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@Nobodys_Angel If you are looking for a game that is amazing.

Nah, seriously, I started out on Harvest Moon (SNES days) and my transition onto the GC was excellent, I even like Animal Crossing more than I do Harvest Moon now, haha. So maybe the transition is the same in this day, but Animal Crossing is a lot less farming (obviously) and doing things to stay well and have money for the next day and more of free spirited fun and doing the things that you want to do. So if you're into that, I would invest.

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I'm jealous of the people who have downloaded it. >:[
I have to wait 10 More Hours before I can get my copy... >:[
Oh well, At least I don't have to wait another year.

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I've already been playing it for an hour or so. There's not much to do in the town right now, because the animals are asleep, and the stores are closed...


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ahh downloaded it been around the town, but i downloaded it at midnight so theres nothing to do for right now except shake a bunch of trees looking for bells


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Hi everyone, its actually 9am where I'm from!! Anyone wants to visit or open their gates? Add me my fc is 0130-1823-4534

please let me know once anyone adds me!!

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