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When my copy of the game arrive is entirely in Nintendo's hands... That's the only downside of the free game promo, they said they'll send me the download code 'shortly' after the release of the game, but how shortly after is up to them.

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Hm...I don't know weather to get gamestop to hold a copy of the game for me or order it online...

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Big-Daddy wrote:

Hm...I don't know weather to get gamestop to hold a copy of the game for me or order it online...

Or best option it to pick up a 35$ eshop card and dl it tonight at midnight!

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Big-Daddy wrote:

Hm...I don't know weather to get gamestop to hold a copy of the game for me or order it online...

On Sunday morning right when the closest GameStop opens up call and have them hold it and run to pick it up.
For Luigi's mansion I called after church and there was only one copy left after preorders so I was cutting it really close.
And it depends on how quickly you want the game :3.

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One more day.....................................! I'll still be getting this one at retail even though having on the system would rock. Sometimes living near a Walmart can have some benefits.

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I don't know if anybody has asked this question, but with any of the Animal Crossing games, has there ever been a special item for playing the game on Day 1? I feel it would be a cool reward for people who pre-ordered the game, to go to Tom Nooks store and maybe get some neat shirt/hat or item that you can display showing you were there when the game first came out.

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Can not wait for this game!!!

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13 hrs 12 minutes...not that i'm counting.

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@suburban_sensai I don't know if this counts but the workers outfit which is the green shirt with the leaf symbol on it which can't be purchased but only sold later. It's available from the start but in New Leaf I don't think it would be available this time.

Does anyone want to play a treasure hunt soon for 10,000 bells in 12 days?

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Does anyone know what timezone it goes on sale at midnight in?



Amazon's listing my pre-order as "Shipping Now"!


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I just got charged from today on my pre order?



My GameStop doesn't open until 11 tomorrow, and I won't get home from church until at least 11:30, anyway. Luckily, I pre-orderd the game. So, I have at least 24 more hours until I can get it. Sunday, please come sooner!

By the way, my hype train is engaged and running at full-speed ahead! I'm going to have an A.C. marathon later!

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Woohoo! This time tomorrow I'll have my copy of AC in my hands. I won't be able to play it as I have shopping to do after I pick it up... But it'll be mine! Anyone have a link to QR code outfits? Female.

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I come out of church at 11:30 and my GameStop opens at like 10:30.
I'll be trying to run out of church right when it's over xD.
(The start of my social life being destroyed.)

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Just 1 more day!


Picking it up at my Best Buy tomorrow~
So excited! I had a dream last night that I woke up this morning and it was already at my house ;_;
Talk about desperate

Also, should we start a separate thread for adding people and coordinating online hangouts?

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