Topic: After owning 3DS, have you found yourself playing more once getting a 3DS XL?

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Yeah the thread title isn't quite clear so I'll explain. If you own a 3DS and haven't played on it too much, have you found yourself playing the platform more after getting an XL? I've heard people say this on several occasions in the 3DS vs. XL threads. In my case, especially after I bought a Wii U, I've barely touched my 3DS whatsoever lately. Several factors play into this, like the buttons are becoming loose, the annoying marks from the top screen rubbing against the bottom's ridges, and after experiencing the much bigger GamePad screen (recently since I haven't been buying games I just use the systems for Internet), it feels so tiny. From what I've heard just about most of the problems listed above are fixed with the XL, so I'm just curious to see if getting one will encourage me to play on the system again.

P.S. I do have some great games already, like Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, ect. but the problems mentioned prevent me from getting in the mood to pick up and play anything on 3DS, which is a shame...


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I would say ya. The XL's bigger screens and battery make it more enjoyable for me. It was the same with the DS Lite. I had the original, and the Lite made me want to play the games again with the brighter screens, and it was overall a better version, IMO.
There's literally no reason to upgrade content wise, obviously. I just like it alot better.


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No, my playing didn't really increase or decrease in frequency at all. I would recommend the XL, though. The screen-scratching problem has mostly been solved thanks to some bumpers on the top screen. The screen also has an anti-reflective coating of some sort that makes it easier to see in lighted areas. The buttons are all tight. The hinge is tight now. And the glorious screens are SUCH an improvement.

I could never go back to playing on those tiny 3DS screens now that I've experienced an XL.

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Ralizah wrote:

The screen also has an anti-reflective coating of some sort that makes it easier to see in lighted areas

You mean Transflective? It's the same stuff used on the very first DS.

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It's not quite the same situation but I had a DS and a DS Lite since their respective launches, but didn't really play them that much. I got a 3DS XL last December, and haven't really touched any 3DS games, but I play a ton of DS games on it now, far more than I ever played my DS consoles.



My play time definitely increased with the XL . My biggest irritation with the original was the small screens for vc games. Also, though I don't have big hands, I found the original to be very uncomfortable to hold. Once I got my XL, my play time on Mario Kart 7 literally doubled.

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After getting my XL,I've rarely used my original 3DS,the only time I've used it is when I wanted to play the free ambassador games.

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Not playing more but enjoying it much, much more!

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In the past few years my 3DS has been used way more often than my Wii and Xbox360 combined.

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Bigger screens are not going to convince me to play the 3DS' dull library.

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Dull library? Would you rather play a Vita @Chrono_Cross? Haha, what a boob.

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Not necessarily. It was my most played system when I had the regular 3DS, and continues to be now that I have an XL. The 3DS' library is anything but dull, and you'd have to be a inch-brained moron to think so. Trolls will troll however, basking in idiocy. I enjoy every system I own, and I don't waste precious time commenting negatively on the ones I don't have out of pure jealousy like some do.



Shrapmo wrote:

Dull library? Would you rather play a Vita @Chrono_Cross? Haha, what a boob.

I'm sorry my opinion angers you.

Oh wait, no I'm not.

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I swapped my original 3ds for an xl mainly because of MH3U, it was very small on the original and when i tried it on my friend xl i loved it, so i exchanged and i play more now

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

Shrapmo wrote:

Dull library? Would you rather play a Vita @Chrono_Cross? Haha, what a boob.

I'm sorry my boob angers you.

Oh wait, no I'm A VITA.


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The smaller screen of the 3DS doesn't bother me at all. If anything, it makes me like the 3DS even more, because I can experience both the Gamepad screen and the 3DS sharp small 3D screen. Different experiences, both fun.

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I share the same sentiments as a few others here. I exchanged my original 3DS when the XL launched and was blown away by the difference in size. I don't necessarily game any more or less using the XL but it DEFINITELY makes for a more pleasurable experience for me. Even when playing Virtual Console and DS games, the increase in screen size makes all the difference in the world. Now I just have to continue waiting for my circle pad pro XL to come in the mail so I can go back to RE: Revelations and start MH3U. They really should've made preparations to release that thing a long time ago *impatient sigh

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First post on here in about a million billion years.... if I ever even posted on here to begin with!

I'd like to input a little into this discussion - I don't think that you are likely to put a whole lot more time into the 3DS XL over the regular model. You probably will initially, but the games are fundamentally the same, so if the software is not gripping you on the smaller model, then they probably won't on the larger device.

I'm fortunate enough to own both machines, having had the first since May 2011, and the XL at launch last year, having saved up and wheeled and dealed a bit to acquire it. The minute I saw the XL on the Nintendo Direct, I knew I had to have one; I was nuts for the original once Ninty sorted it out with some Mario-love. I really have enjoyed the XL immensely, and consider it the superior system; the screen size is great, the buttons and controls excellent, and the robust "feel" of the unit is wonderful. Games such as Bit Trip Saga and Mario Kart 7 are much, much better on it as you can genuinely see more of what is around you.... having said that, the smaller 3DS does have it benefits.

First, its more portable, and the screen is noticeably sharper. I do play my 3DS games predominantly on the XL, and its inferior crispness is not an issue, but I do like to play these same titles on the classic too, usually when the battery of the XL runs out and I do not feel like being tethered to the wall! The sharper visuals are often quite refreshing - the jaggies of Luigi's Mansion aren't quite as apparent, the world of Kid Icarus looks more vivid and New Super Mario Bros. 2 is delightfully bright and clean on the smaller screen. When the 3D slider is off, games on the XL can look low-res; not so the the original model. I would also say that the aiming in Kid Icarus is more precise on the smaller screen too, as the movement require for aiming is reduced. Whilst you can't quite make out the excellent animations quite as well in Mario Tennis Open on the Classic, I still find myself playing this underrated gem far more on the original model than I do on the XL.

The 3DS effect is improved on the XL model, and in many other areas it is superior, but I don't think its a system that will change your perspectives on the overall format. The 3DS XL is the machine to buy out of the two if you are new to 3D portable gaming, and its a worthy purchase for fans of the Classic unit, but if you are not taken with the original, you probably aren't go to find yourself changing that view if you get the XL, unless you really dislike small screens.

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