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So, running into an issue.

My daughters are currently sharing a 3ds due to one of them breaking theirs.

I play AC:NL with them but I can only connect to the character that I already added as best friend when we played locally.

I'm currently in Iraq and have no way to add the second character locally but I already have the network ID of their system added.

Is there another way to connect to my other daughter's character?



You won't be able to play with both at the same time if they share a system, but you should be able to play with them one at a time, I think.

Although I have to admit I don't really know how does the friend list react to one person having more than one copy of the same game.

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It's the same game cartridge and the same system. But for some reason the second character on their 3ds can't see my "faraway town".

It's quite annoying. And since no one that is familiar enough with the system is with my daughters, I feel that I may be missing something.



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