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I didn't know whether to make this its own thread or just post on the New Leaf thread, so I did this. I figured it would get more attention this way. So in Animal Crossing New Leaf I keep getting random spotpass' of people's homes (which I'm not complaining about). I've already gotten quite a few, and my brother got one or two... I was wondering if this is a common thing. Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone know why this could be happening? Just wondering.

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I was thinking maybe it's from people near me, but I don't think anyone near me has a 3DS, and there aren't any kids or young people near me so that lowers the chances of that...

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Nintendo does it because they want you to use the happy room showcase even in low-streetpass areas.

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huh, i guess that means i should be checking my showcase more often to see if anything has popped up

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Also, it makes you go to a specific town in the dream suite when you ask what's her name to surprise you. Yesterday's looked like it was perfected to a ludicrous extent.
And the special item for the month I believe uses Spotpass.

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Even if I'm a bit of topic what's the real reason for dream... I mean you do stuff but nothings came back from it when you "come back home"....

I've got a few spotpass dot on the icon that seem strange at first but after a few time it seem like @Happy_Mask it's because of the month item and lilke @Morphtorok said to help you get home in the HRS even if you don't streetpass a lot (and I find that a great idea because in my city it's hard to streetpass)...

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