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Just picked up a 3DSXL Any suggestions for accessories. Do I need a carry case or screen protectors? I tend to treat my equipment carefully and never had problems that way, just wondering with it's clamshell design if a case is more for storing games etc and if the screens need any additional protection or if that impedes there functionality.

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Screen protectors are a definite yes for me. Any kind of device that has a screen, especially screen that you are going to touch, are going to need one.

Carry case in my view is up to you, and case for storing games are up to you, are you going to have a lot of retail games and bring them everywhere? (or at least if you like to travel or something that is going to involve you moving the games around, and more than your house).

So, a definite yes for screen protector, and it's really up to you for everything else.


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