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I hopw thw AC adaptor of the 3DS is for 100v-240v, because with the DSi I went to the UK and can't play it because I can't charge it, so I hope these changes in the 3DS.

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Huh? can you be a little more clear please?



I had a similar problem when I was in Italy a little while ago. My American DS charger only accepts a certain amount of electricity, and the outlets in Italy gave out a different amount. Normally, I think an adapter should solve that, but my travel adapter was really cheap and kind of old.

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Well the problem is not really the plug-in system, using a normal adaptor I can solve it, but the problem was the electricity (volts) that the adaptor accepts, a computer adaptors for example as a AC from 100volts to 240volts, so if you have a normal adaptor the one can't change voltages you can use it, in the Nintendo DSi it only accepts 115 volts, so if I plug it in in the UK or in Europa it will explode and burn itself, and I looked around all the UK and can't find a volt charger, and when I found it, it was sooo expensive and can only change voltages from 240v to 115 volts, so for a European that goes to America, he will just NOT be able to charge his/her DS. Do now everyone understand me?

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Title should be "AC Adapter."

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This is much larger issue than game adapters -- Europe and The US use different voltage standards, period, and that's not changing. Get an adapter and deal with it if it's a problem for you.

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Or get a USB charger.


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the problem is not to get and adapter, the problem is the volt differences, they can make the charger just like a computer hcarger, the one hold from AC 100 volts to AC 240 volts, and problem solved!

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