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im sorry to ask but im wondering if nintendo is working on a sort of new pokemon XD (with new story line and new pokemon etc.) you know battlefield wasn't that bad but there was nothing to it only the battle and I still think pokemon XD is one of the best pokemon games they ever made. so does anyone of you know on which console (hopefully 3DS) and IF they are making it or working on it?



There is no word or rumours about them working one one.



ah to bad do you guys agree that they should make a new pokemon XD?



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Okay, now this thread can become locked. :3

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I hope they make another XD eventually, I loved the first one (and Colosseum if that counts).

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I liked Colosseum more, but I agree about having more games with plots like this.



Xilef wrote:

There is no word or rumours about them working one one.

Don't Jynx it

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Too bad they'd rather be working on the Rumble series than making another Colosseum/XD game.

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Pokémon X sequel confirmed, will be called Pokémon X D
(I'm surprised that nobody has posted this pun in the topic yet.)

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LzQuacker wrote:

Xilef wrote:

There is no word or rumours about them working one one.

Don't Jynx it

Too late for that, haha. There was a rumor that a remake or sequel was going to be on the 3DS either last year or '11.

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I'd be cool with it maybe? I think I liked the GCN Pokemon games way more in idea than execution. Chuggaaconroy did a Let's Play of Colosseum a little while ago that made this far more apparent to me: the story isn't that good. Like, in the handheld games, the evil organizations aren't the focus so it kinda works but having a full game with one of them points out that they are just a silly, campy evil organization and aren't interesting enough to carry a JRPG story (though I haven't played B/W to see if that was improved that much). It was even worse when it came out since I was expecting something really darker and more epic in terms of story and it just...wasn't. If it was just like the handheld games that'd be fine, but the bland story was too much the focus of the game. If they got some even ok JRPG writing it could make for a really cool game but otherwise, pass.

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