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Last but certainly not least, a new multiplayer* action game in the Kirby series is coming to Nintendo 3DS this holiday season. More information will be revealed about this game in the future.


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I expect this will be a Mario-Party style game, but I am prepared to be surprised.



Kirby: Super . . Star Heroes

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In Team Kirby Clash Deluxe there's been a lot of hints and imagery of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, lots of people think this might be a sequel!



Kirby and the Amazing 3D Mirror… that was my guess.

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I always wonderer why they decided to ditch Multiplayer on portable Kirby Games after The Amazing Mirror. Picking up this new title for sure.

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Ahhhhh ... when I saw "multi-player" I assumed that meant party games of some kind. I was not imagining a multi-player cooperative adventure game. That would be much more to my taste actually!



This game is now called "Kirby: Battle Royale" and releases in November for Europe and January for North America.

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Anyone cast their vote for their favorite copy ability? Mine's Wing.

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Water is the best!

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yeah I voted water. Would've gone hammer but it's already in there. Water surfing is fun



I voted for poison. I loved that ability in Planet Robobot

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I went with Ice! It's got everything I want in a versatile moveset!

But just so you guys know, you can vote once per day! 8D

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Japanese overview trailer:

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Played the demo today...I am not impressed! First, there's no 3D (All the latest Nintendo games on the 3DS seem to be without 3D, since Nintendo probably wants to sell 2DS systems). Second, its just a small mini-game collection (10 mini-games). And I am supposed to buy it at Retail, full price? Really?! Should just be a 5 Euro download. This looks like a huugge pass!



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