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I'm not sure if this site has already been made known in another thread. If so, sorry Anyway, I stumbled upon this site late last night while on my 3DS Browser and its really cool! They have a bunch of pictures that you can browse and all of them are viewable in 3D right on the 3DS and take a copy of any you like and put them in your album. Another thing I thought was really cool that I thought couldn't be done with the 3DS browser is the ability to upload a 3D picture straight from your 3DS's album. The site is a bit bare on features right now but its still really fun to browse and view 3D right on the browser!

EDIT: And here is my page of uploads to the site if anyone cares

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I already know this site of somebdoy else, but haven't tested it yet.

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Yes that is a good site. There is also I found had some pretty cool stuff on it.

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