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I was just looking around for a decent price for 'A boy and his blob' on Wii, (a game that I've been wanting for a long time), and I found this:

A listing for A boy and his blob 3DS. That will be great I think. Did anyone else know that a 3DS version was coming out? Are you interested?

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hahaha, it loaded for me (after timing out once)... it's not like amazon hasn't been wrong before, but i wouldn't mind having a version of ab&hb for 3DS :3

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It has an ASIN catalogue number and you can preorder it apparently. But you're right amazon is not the most trustworthy source. Still fingers crossed



Hope that's a placeholder price cause that's roughly 42 pounds, $66 US, 67 CAN. So most likely $59.99.



According to Matt Bozon they aren't making "A Boy and his Blob" for 3DS. I e-mailed Mr. Bozon myself and he responded by saying that he didn't know of any project relating to "A Boy and his Blob" for the Nintendo 3DS but he did say they are working on other "projects" for the 3DS and he hinted at Shantae as well but gave me nothing concrete on Shantae just a hint.

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