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since the 3ds does not have a second analog stick ( most likely because of the touch screen ) fps games can be hard to play. aiming with the touch screen is great for quick aiming and fast gameplay but... cramps the hell outta ur hand! and the face button control is good but can be a little robotic at times. but nintendo will port conduit. and look out for call of duty to continue to come to nintendos handheld.
(p.s. if call of duty black ops wii has all the game modes as the others and the ds version having online and zombies, the 3ds should have all game modes and smooth online. super street fighter 4 3d edition had smooth online. 3ds has promise!)

on to the point. the 3ds can deliver console like graphics. 3rd person cover shooters will be PERFECT for the 3ds. a normal ds game 007 bloodstone was a GREAT cover shooter. and with the new analog stick allows players to more way better. with the combo of graphics and 3d will be great. things like car explosions will look great in 3d. run, jump, slide, roll, cover, shoot = gold on the 3ds!

007 bloodstone ds

call of duty black ops ds

splinter cell ds

splinter cell 3ds trailer

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