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I'm replacing my original 3ds with the 3ds XL. Because I'm selling my original 3ds with its charger, I was wondering about using a 3rd party charger for my new XL, which came with an accessory kit.
Can a 3rd party charger damage my 3ds at all? Impact battery life at all?
I've used it briefly on my current 3ds and it seems to work fine. Just wondering about long term use. Don't want to buy a Nintendo charger if it's not going to make any difference.

Any suggestions?

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The most important thing is whether or not it voids warranty. It doesn't.

I use an unofficial car charger on occasion, does me fine.

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You're warranty is only voided if you replace your 3DS's battery with a 3rd-party one. A third party charger, while it could be sketchy, won't void you're warranty in any way to the best of my knowledge.

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I tried the 3rd party charger on my 3ds last night. It gets very hot, quite a bit more than my Nintendo one. Though it worked fine otherwise, I will probably just pick up an official one for peace of mind. Don't want to burn down my house.

Thanks for your responses to my query though. Happy Gaming!

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